Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 181

Vrijdag, 3 Februari 2012

Dutch school, a free period at school, and then art history.  And guess what happened then?  IT STARTED SNOWING!  Like, legit snowing!  I was so happy, I literally almost started crying.  I guess I never noticed just how much I missed having real snowfall.  Saw another Brasilian exchange student we're friends with, Isabella, at school before leaving - I think she was crying.  It was her first time seeing snow as well this year, so she was just ecstatic.

Isabella at school

Went to Patrick and Truut's, warmed up a bit (I wasn't wearing my winter boots today, OF ALL DAYS), and then shoveled the driveway for them.  We watched a movie (which was set in Minnesota in winter, which was really funny - and I totally guessed it was in Minnesota even before they started talking about Winona or explicitly saying it was in MN).  Then, went to bed, seeing as it was going to be a long day.

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