Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 198

Maandag, 20 Februari 2012

Got up (at like 6.40...), checked bus times, and got ready for the day.  Got a bus a bit before 8 (which is the last bus out of this city) to Turnhout, then another one to Mol.  Jenna (the Canadian) and I had been planning a "date", but she didn't let me know exactly what it was.  (She got a Bongo box for Christmas, which is basically something that has a bunch of little trips for 2 people, and it includes a first class train ride).  Turns out, she hadn't chosen yet.  :P  We decided on laser tag in Ghent, so we got the train there.  When we got there, we still had 2 hours until the laser tag place opened, so we just walked around.

My love Jenna on our date~


I like this one for some reason

Then, when it was time to call (we had to call ahead and say we were going), we realized we actually didn't know where the place was.  We checked the directions on the box, which were no help at all.  So, we decided to go back to Antwerp, and do our date there.  Went to the icecream shop (yes, it was on the list) and got some chocolate thing there, which was nice.  Literally ran back to the train station so I could get my train, got a bus, and then Denise picked me up in Hoogstraten.

At home, caught up with Marcela about our weekends, ate, and then we had a Rotary planning meeting for the Brasilian/American night we need to do in April.  For American things, we're having brandy slush and steak with beans, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob.  There were quite a few plans, so hopefully it all comes together.

Afterwards, went online a bit, tried to work out my visa more (it's getting really annoying - I just want a yes or no, I'm so sick of trying to find info).  Now, time for bed before another week of drumline.  I'm bringing my laptop, but I might not have internet again until next Monday when I'm in France, so it might be another mass update around this time next week.  So if that's the case, slaapwel and until the next time!

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