Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 202

Vrijdag, 24 Februari 2012

Rehearsal from 10-5, so that was fun.  Managed to eat a bit in there because a girl in my section hurt her finger so we had to keep stopping.  Made me realize the finger I hurt last year at drumline is swelling again, so that's a bummer.  I think it was like exactly a year ago that I hurt it, so I was hoping it would be better by now.

From 5-730 just ate and hung out in the clubhouse, watched some TV (it's projected on the wall), and messed around with the instruments.  Pretty fun.  Then announcements, and show time!  It went really well - no big mistakes, and everything seemed to run pretty smoothly.  Afterwards, hung out and had some drinks with people, talked, and finally went back to Gio's around 330am, which was good because my knees were killing me.  Went to sleep like right away.

Oh, and here's a photo from rehearsal on Wednesday I found on facebook - taken at midnight :P

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