Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 189

Zaterdag, 11 Februari 2012

Pretty long day.  Woke up, reviewed some drumline, got ready, and then Denise drove Marcela and I to the train station.  I went to drumline, and Marcela went to Brussels to hang out.  Learned drill to another piece, which of course meant no time for reviewing.  Did practice for another group after, in which I play the shaker.  Good times.  And now we have a rehearsal Friday night, then on Saturday, a parade on Sunday, then (during school vacation) rehearsal Tuesday-Friday, and we start the shows that Friday night.  So, from Friday on I'll basically just live in Kortrijk for over a week, though I may take Monday to come home and rest up.  :P

Afterwards, met Marcela in Antwerp, and then we were going to meet Denise and Frederik at a restaurant down there since they were there and we didn't have a way to get home.  :P  And, it's the restaurant we went to a while back with Charlotte and the Rotary group, so we thought we knew where it was.  Nope.  After about an hour of wandering around, we finally called to ask for the streetname (we could remember the first street we needed to get on, but not the second).  Finally got to the place, had something to drink, and went home.  Talked to my friend studying in Norway a bit, and then went to bed.

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