Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 194

Donderdag, 16 Februari 2012

Dutch school, which was okay.  There was a little verbal spat which hopefully will make this one annoying person learn to shut their mouth, so it good that it happened.  Quite a few people were gone, so it was pretty boring otherwise.  Then, as my class was on a trip, Marcela and I just went home.  I searched a bit for visa stuff, did some emailing, and then took a nap since I'm getting sick (thanks Marcela).

Got up, got ready for a Rotary meeting (skyped my friend in Norway because I couldn't figure out an outfit that looked nice :P), then the Rotary meeting.  From 7-11.  The speaker I guess is like Secretary of Defense for Belgium (or something like that, I can't remember), but his speech was SO LONG and SO BORING.  I stopped trying to understand and just tried to keep myself awake, which was really difficult.  Then after, there were a few more little speeches and then we had to stay for coffee after, so yeah, got home aruond 1130, really tired and feeling really sick (of course right when I can't get sick because I have drumline).  So, I'm going to bed now.  Slaapwel.

Also, I won't be updating again until Sunday (more likely Monday since I know I'll be tired), so yeah, there'll be a few posts then, but none before.  Yay for drumline and not being able to come back to Meerle.  :/

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