Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 178

Dinsdag, 31 Januari 2012

Not enough snow to mess with the buses, so there was school.  Lame.  :P  Had the Dutch class, and since it was a new level there were some new people, but of course our little group was all there as well.  It seems like it'll be a fun class again - it's the same teacher, so that's a good sign.  School, had the acting class, two periods in study (looked up colleges and such), and then the acting class again.  Got home a little after 6.

Of course, at 630 we left for a Rotary meeting in Turnhout.  Santi's new host dad invited us, because Santi has to go to the meetings every week, so he gets pretty bored.  Frederik came with, so we got to talk with some new people, and Emi delivered my blazer for me :)  Pretty fun night, with a lot of good food.

Also, my biological brother Collin left for his semester study in the UK (Bath) today!  He's a way better writer than me, so you should definitely check out his blog.

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