Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 182

Zaterdag, 4 Februari 2012

With all honesty, I can probably say this was one of the best days of my exchange, by far.

Woke up fairly early, packed a lunch, and then was at the fanfare local a bit after 7am for Teerfeest, which is basically the biggest event for the fanfare (like C*Fest for drumline a month or so ago).  Had breakfast (scrambled eggs and bacon - Dad, as you know, this wasn't the best way to start off the day seeing as how I had to be out and about) with the fanfare, got hyped for the day.  We then went to the church, which is a tradition of the day.

After the church, they all loaded into vehicles, as the next like 9 hours they would be going to cafes to play and drink.  I, however, had to go to drumline.  On the train from Antwerp to Kortrijk, I started talking with the lady (and her mom) across from me.  Apparently her daughter is going to California for three weeks in July, so we exchanged contact information so I could meet up with her daughter.  She also told me I can sleep at her house any time.  :P  Very nice lady, even though she was pretty hard to understand (she spoke West Vlaams, which is basically Dutch without pronunciation and quite a few different sounds).

Then, drumline.  Gosh it was a good rehearsal.  New song, so memorized our part in that.  But, it turns out it's  a cymbal feature, so I got to help out writing the drill for it.  It's pretty intense, not gonna lie.  We just need to practice it... quite a bit.  Then learned a dance with the whole drumline, which was also cool, but needs some practice.  Reviewed some older stuff, and then we had to rush out because apparently there was a little kids soccer team practicing there.

Got back to Lille around 10, changed into my disco outfit (aka, clothes Marcela had lent me), and Patrick drove me to Teerfeest, which was now a disco dance party.  Suffice to say, it was a great night.  There's really nothing to say.  I'll put a few pictures other people took (I didn't have my camera with) for an idea, but there really aren't words to describe it.  Got home around 4 or 5 (my phone was messing up so I really don't know), and just slept.

Me about 5 minutes after I got there

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