Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 204

Zondag, 26 Februari 2012

Great day.  Slept in until like 1230 again.  Apparently two of the guys that were going to stay at Gio's got locked out last night, and were ringing the bell and throwing rocks and such to wake us up, but I didn't even hear it.  Shows how well I was sleeping.  :P  Had some breakfast, watched some TV and old drumline videos, talked with one of the other directors that was over, and then had lunch.

Around 3, we all went to the clubhouse, watched a movie via the projector, ate, rehearsed a little bit, had announcements, and the final show!  Marcela, Denise, Raf (the son of Denise) and his girlfriend all came.  :)  Okay show - could have been better, but seeing as how we didn't practice like at all the last two days it makes sense.  Just sucks it was not the greatest show since it was the one we were recording.  :P

Cleaned up a bit, showed Marcela around the clubhouse, and then we drove back to Meerle.  Ate, talked with some people and caught up with some things, and now it's time for bed - off to France for the week in like 6 hours!  Slaapwel!

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