Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 201

Donderdag, 23 Februari 2012

Gonna make this quick.  Woke up around 10, showered, reviewed videos of the show, and did some emailing.  Around 1, realized I was alone in the house which was a little weird, so I walked to the clubhouse (and I got there basically on the first try!).  Cymbal sectional from 4-530, folded programs for the show and ate from then until 7, and then full ensemble rehearsal from 7-130.  Yep.  Then a cymbal sectional from 130-2.  We should have went longer but everyone else was getting really frustrated so we weren't getting anything done.  Signed up for food tomorrow (I'm spending so much on food this week...), hung out a bit, and then came back to Gio's.  Waking up in like 5 hours (rehearsal starts at 10, and all 4 of us here need to shower in the morning), so slaapwel!

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