Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 197

Zondag, 19 Februari 2012

Got up around 11 after a long and fantastic night of sleep.  Talked with the other two people who stayed at Gio's, packed our stuff, and then we went to get some food.  Went to the clubhouse, hung out in the car listening to music as the door was locked.  We listened to this really weird Dutch music - it's apparently for little kids, and the lyrics are just a little weird.  They translated some, and we found they got quite a bit funnier when put in English.

After the clubhouse opened, we packed up the bus, and then set off for a parade in Zwevezele for Carnival.  The parade was... interesting.  The float in front of us said "Praise Jesus" on the back, only played this one gospel song, and was just filled with Zwarte Piets (aka, people in black face and huge black afro wigs) wearing purple gospel choir gowns and doing choreographed dance.  And there were other people running around in the worst type of stereotypical Asian clothing (like racist stereotypical), and faces painted yellow.  I didn't know whether to be offended or just confused.

The parade went okay - I think I know the music pretty well now, and I finally figured out all of the street drill.  Pretty fun.  We got bread and cola for free after, so that was nice.  Bused back, unloaded the bus, and then a few of us got a ride to Kortrijk.  Got the trains home, Frederik picked me up at the train station, came home, skyped with my parents for a bit, and then passed out in bed.

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