Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 188

Vrijdag, 10 Februari 2012

Not a good day.  Well, it started out okay.  Went to Dutch class, messed around (had a few people get angry since Santi and I were talking so much), and went shopping with a few of the ladies after class (no real school today).  We had collected like 50 euro in class to buy our teacher a present, since it's her birthday on Monday.  After that, Marcela and I went to get a burger, and then Denise picked us up in Hoogstraten.

Then, she dropped the bomb.  The town hall in Lille called her back, saying they can't extend my visa.  So, no Austria trip with the fanfare, which was basically the highlight of my summer.  Pretty upset about that.  Got my return date figured out with my travel lady at home (August 2nd), which is 174 days from now - so I've already passed the halfway point in my exchange.  If I was able to extend, I had found sweet tickets home on the 23rd, which would give me 195 days left here.  :(

So, Marcela knew I was upset, so we decided to cheer me up.  Made a pizza, watched Rapunzel, chatted a bunch, had eggrolls and Mountain Dew, took funny pictures, and then went in the sauna and rolled in the snow.  Between (and after) doing all that, I watched 6 episodes of Community, just because.  Talked with some people online, basically just bummed around online.  My friend who is studying in Norway did a good job of cheering me up, which was wonderful.  If it stays like this and I can't do Austria, we're going to meet up for a while somewhere in Europe just to hang out.  :)  Should have studied drumline, but I really wasn't in the mood.

Marcela and I in our bathing suits in the snow, wearing our Brasilian kangas and wearing Brasilian sandals

Anyway, I should probably get to sleep, so slaapwel I guess.

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  1. Don't give up !

    Go to the Austrian embassy , get a tourist visa for Austria for 3 weeks, with as reason you have to perform in the festival over there.

    If you have a visa for any shengen country you are able to stay in any other shengen country if you want. Ie , if you have a tourist visa for Austria , you can stay in Belgium with your host family, you don't have to stay in Austria.

    Good luck.