Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 271

Vrijdag, 4 Mei, 2012

Happy Star Wars Day!  May the 4th be with you :)

No Dutch school today, but something else.  There was a little "conference" thing at our Dutch school, where teachers of Dutch to foreigners all came to learn how to better teach and things like that.  I went to help out, and May and Santi were there too, so that was fun.  Just had to bring people to the classrooms and then sit around and wait.  Got to talk to some other students I didn't know, and talked a bit with a guy from my first two classes that went to a different teacher this time.

After that, went to my one lesson at the normal school, and then came home.  Studied some math (even though I managed to get my registration figured out for my math class so I don't need to test in it again, I still need to study - my last math class was the Summer of 2010).  Read some, and then watched some movies and TV.  Game of Thrones night!  We're like 4 episodes behind America, but I think I'm just going to watch them on the TV now, instead of watching them right away online.  And speaking of, I've almost finished the 4th book in the series :)

Anyway, a long weekend of drumline up ahead - I'll try to update on Sunday (then again, after me being like 3 days behind now I wouldn't count on it).  Slaapwel!


  1. Summer 2012 hasn't happened yet...

    1. Aaand that's why I shouldn't write these when I'm really tired. Thanks :P