Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 286

Zaterdag, 19 Mei 2012

Got up, ate a little, and then met some people outside for a walk. We did this hour long walk to a cabin that was up a ways, and it was really nice. Beautiful weather, good nature, the whole shebang. Had a tea and some lefse at the cabin, stayed around chatting, and then we took the longer route on the walk back down. Split up there for lunch, so Deuce and I went back to his place to have spaghetti and hang out and watch things.

There was a thing going on for the exchange students at the university that night, so we went there to check it out – didn't see anyone we knew. Went back to his place straight away, texted some people, found out that there were two different times floating around, so we just hung out until the second one. Went back, met with some of his friends there, talked with some other students, etc etc.

After that a lot of people went to a different party (it was getting chilly outside), but I decided to cut out so I could figure out my flight things, and I knew I would want to come back quite a bit earlier than Deuce. So he went off and did that, and I went back to his place to figure out times for getting back to Belgium and just chatting with some other people.

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