Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 282

Dinsdag, 15 Mei 2012

Got up, finished packing, and said goodbye to my host family. That was pretty weird. :P Got to Turnhout, and then went to Santi's house to drop off my luggage and baggage. Went to dutch class, had an exam. I think it went okay, but then again that could be a bad sign :P

More class, ate, and then had two periods of watching Shakespeare's Macbeth. No class after that, so I went to Santi's house with him, listened to him practice his speech, bought my friend a birthday present, and bought a camera. Yep. Don't expect to be getting an email saying my old one was found, and I would have to buy a new one anyway (how could I go my last 3 months with no camera?), so it may as well have been before the Norway trip.

Messed around with the camera for a while, and then we had to go to Santi's rotary presentation. It was fun at first – Marcela, Santi, Julie, Vincent and I were all at the same table. But after his presentation (which I got to help with!), it was BORING. And LONG. The second presenter took sooo long – over an hour – for their talk. I think I actually fell asleep, and that was after eating sugar cubes to stay awake. The food was nice – I haven't had rice in beans in who knows how long. But it took forever after eating until we left. Finally got back to Santi's house around 1, went pretty much right to bed.

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