Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 297

Woensdag, 30 Mei 2012

Got up, downloaded my econ textbook to my kindle, and went to school.  Normal class the first period, then a period in the library where I started my econ notes.  There was a computer free, so I went online and lo and behold! the class was in my online profile (it takes up to a day to have it show up, so I didn't have it the whole first day of class).  Went though all the material quick, figured out what I needed to do, and then did more notes.

Had English next (just read short stories), and the science.  They had to do some study for the exam, so I had another period of working on econ.  Home, watched some TV and worked more (see a theme yet?).  There is a discussion post due every Wednesday, and since I didn't know what to do until today, I had a lot of reading to do before I could do the discussion.  Went and got a haircut - first one since being in Belgium!  Got only the split ends off, which was like 2 inches :P

Home, just studied and ate and studied more.  Took like 10 pages of notes overall today.  A lot of it is still review (since I took a microecon course fall of 2010, though through a different school), but it's good to rewrite and really make sure I grasp the basics.  Probably writing a bit too much, but better that than too little.  And a looot of graphs and tables.  I'm using a lot of colors in the notes to keep me interested.  :P  Finished Chapter 1 with notes, like a third of the way through Chapter 3.  Each week we have like 2-3 chapters to do, a discussion post due on Wednesday, a response to someone else's post due by Sunday, do the problem set by Sunday, and do the quiz by Sunday.  It's 5 weeks long so afterwards I think I'll really appreciate what time I have left in summer :P

Anyway, I just posted my discussion question, so that means I can go to bed without worrying (I can post it up to 7am my time because of the timezone difference~), so slaapwel!

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