Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 277

Donderdag, 10 Mei 2012

Normal day.  Dutch school, didn't really get a lot done.  We spent a lot of the lesson talking about random things, and some didn't make sense (and the Tues/Thurs teacher talks really fast), so I ended up talking to Begona and Carol most of the class.  Then three periods at normal school, didn't do much there either.  We had to sing this one song and "march" (I use march as a loose term here) to this one song that we're doing sometime later, I don't really know why.  And it was all of the music students.

But oh god.  The marching.  I understand that they've never marched before, but it was worse than when I helped at one of the first CR rehearsals last summer, and that's saying a lot.  That, coupled with watching some DCI videos lately, has made me really, REALLY miss marching trumpet.  Indoor just isn't the same.  I might start practicing seriously and try out for a drumcorp this winter - that is, if I'll have the money to join.  But I've always wanted to do at least a year of junior corp just while I still can, so I might have to find a way.

Anyway, at home just watched some TV and read.  Nothing terribly interesting.  Going to bed early - festival at school tomorrow and we're stuck there ALL DAY.  Not saying it won't be fun, but we have to be there from 10-3, and we can't leave.  Apparently there's security guards or something around the perimeter (I heard from a classmate), which doesn't mean you can't get out (case in point: Coon Rapids High School - I only had a problem with the guards ONCE, and that was just because she didn't believe we had a marching band at the school), but apparently there's also a gate, so we'll see.  I'll get pics if I remember.

So yep, off to bed.  It's gonna be a long next few weeks.  Slaapwel!

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