Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 272

Zaterdag, 5 Mei 2012

Got to sleep in a bit, and then got the train to Lier for drumline (which was sooo much easier than going to Dadizele like usual).  We did a parade through town which took FOREVER, especially since the shoes just rub the back of my foot raw.  Then did some beats for the crowd along with a few other show groups (and an Irish pipe band~), waited a bit, and then performed our show.

Performing the show was... silly, in my opinion.  It was outside, on the cobblestone of the market, and it was raining.  We had to put the floor out, and then do our show (6 pieces, with drill) in the rain.  Of course the floor got muddy and wet, and it was a pain to fold again.  Got on the bus back to Dadizele, unloaded a bit, and then spent like over an hour drying off the floor.  When we got most of the water and dirt off, we had to wait for it to finish drying, so we went upstairs in the clubhouse, watched some TV, ate, and then flipped the floor over a few hours later to dry the other side and fix the holes.  Then we watched "New Kids Nitro" in the clubhouse, which is a Dutch film and was... interesting, to say the least.  Around 12 or so we got to the directors house to sleep.

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