Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 279

Zaterdag, 12 Mei 2012

Long long day.  Got up, took a few trains and buses to end up in Genk, and met Ben at the station.  We hung out for a bit, dropped my blazer off with his mom, got a HUGE kebab (I would show you a picture BUT I CAN'T), and then we went to the Avengers in Hasselt!  Yep, I went twice this week :)  Shows how much I like it.

Had a great time, got the bus back to Genk, and met Sravya at the station.  Apparently a Turkish team won a football (soccer) game because there where a lot of Turkish people screaming around the station, and driving around the station with the horns blaring with team flags.  It was quite hectic and they made it pretty impossible for anyone to get to the station, so it took us a bit to find Allen's mom, and then it was an adventure to get out of the station.

Then, to Allen's house for his 19th birthday party!  It was a lot of fun - Bernardo, Jenna, Sofi, Sofia, and a bunch of other exchange students were there, along with quite a few Belgians.  I helped serve food with another exchange student's host sister that knew Allen (long story), so that was fun.  At around midnight there was literally nothing left to drink, and not much left to eat, so I went with Jenna and a few other people out to Genk to get some stuff to bring back to the party.

After finding an ATM (which took some woop-ing and running around), a few people got kebabs and then we got some drinks.  Then, for some reason, we sat on a bench to hang out and drink instead of going back to the party.  There we had a hilarious run in with a guy claiming to be Italian who we messed with quite a bit (we had said we were all from all these different countries, which was mostly true, but then we convinced him we were all Belgians and just were lying to him before), and then around 2am we realized we hadn't told Allen we were leaving to get food.  He had texted one of us around 1am, just asking where another girl was (she was with), so we said were in Genk.

Got back and apparently he had been worried about us a bit.  Oops.  Gave him some "I'm sorry" hugs, got set up to sleep (Jenna and I snagged an empty room upstairs where it was quiet), and then slept.

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