Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 296

Dinsdag, 19 Mei 2012

Super tired day.  Met Marcela before school to give her the camera, and then went to Dutch class.  Was basically falling asleep the whole time (well, everyone was though).  Got something to eat with Marcela at lunch, hung out.  Went to my one class at school, watched the movie we've been watching, and then caught the bus home.

Went to check out online classes at my college, and then found out they had Spring semester stuff up, so I tried to figure out that as well.  Turns out a lot of classes I thought were in Spring are only offered in summer, so it's a lot of changing things around right now.  Hopefully I can figure it out soon.  :/  Saw that there was a microecon class offered online during the summer, same time as my anthro class was (today - June 29).  So, I signed up for that.  Something to do, and it will make Fall semester easier.

Ate, napped a bit, and then fanfare.  Did new music the whole time - one of the new songs was "Misty", which just snapped me back to jazz band in high school.  Afterwards, someone brought in monkey meat for us to try. It was tough, but it tasted okay.  I managed to save a piece to bring Marcela later.  Stayed for a while (last 10 rehearsals now D:), and then straight to bed.

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  1. OMG , I bet the guy was a murderer and you were all getting rid of the evidence for him ! There's no monkeys in Belgium !