Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 285

Vrijdag, 18 Mei 2012

Real lax day.  Got up around 1030, only because someone texted Deuce's phone.  It was one of his friends inviting us to breakfast, so of course we went.  The guys we ate with were a Norwegian who studies in Germany, so he was on an "exchange" back to Norway, and a guy from St. Louis Park, which was fun.  Had brown cheese on one of the sandwiches, which was... different.

Back to Deuce's, and it was raining and gross (and we were sick of that after yesterday), so we stayed in to hang out and watch movies.  Watched "Troll Hunter", which is actually a Norwegian film, and a few episodes of "White Collar".  Had a bunch of fun foods during that, including more lefsa (yayyyy), and bread with chocolate spread and apple jam on it, or bread with just potato salad.

Then met some people at the grocery store to get stuff for tacos (apparently on Fridays people in Norway eat tacos?).  So the two guys we ate breakfast with, two girls from Wednesday (we went to their apartment), and their roommate was there occasionally (she was in the orchestra, so we talked a lot during the parades yesterday).  That was a lot of fun - just sitting around eating tacos, talking, having a blast.  Glad to have met all of them.

Plans for hiking tomorrow, so we're just gonna watch another "White Collar" episode and then go to bed.  Slaapwel!

Oh, and I got an email from the train station in Herentals saying they found my camera!  I hope this isn't a joke, because I miss that camera so much~

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