Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 289

Dinsdag, 22 Mei 2012

Waking up was pretty difficult, and Dutch class was SO BORING today, so it was a fight to stay awake day.  I swear, the first hour and a half of Dutch class was this one guy just asking questions about grammar that WE JUST WENT OVER.  Santi and I just kept looking at each other like “Are you serious?”

At normal school, I guess my classmates switched it so we had Dutch instead of the acting class the first two periods.  And I’m not in that Dutch class (because I’m not in like ANY class), so I just had to sit there for two periods.  Read a bit on my Kindle, which I haven’t done recently, but I wasn’t really in the mood for that book, so it was slow going.

Had a library periods where I researched the Long Riders Guild, aka, a thing for people who ride horse - you qualify for membership if you do a 1000+ mile ride in one go.  That’s been a dream of mine for years, so I was really happy to finally find some real info on people that have done that.

Watched Macbeth the last period, and then bussed to Herentals, where I PICKED UP MY CAMERA!  HE’S HOME!  And all of the pictures are still on it!

Bussed to Lille, picked up Flavia’s package from Patrick and Truut, home, ate, napped a bit, and then fanfare.  Did the usual thing there, stayed a bit late, and then back home. It's already weird to think I was in Norway yesterday.

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