Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 292

Vrijdag, 25 Mei 2012

Long, fun day.  Got to Turnhout, talked with Marcela for quite some time.  She's been sick lately so we haven't seen each other in a few days.  Just caught up, it was nice.  Then Dutch class, where Santi, Stefana and I got lectured for talking in class.  We weren't really talking - we were trying to communicate without words so it involved a lot of extravagant hand movements.  Thank goodness the teacher didn't see us throwing notes across the room :P

Ending up making paper airplanes during the pause, tried to throw them out the window but we kept missing.  Then Kinga, who sits by the window, stole it and chucked it out.  We got someone in the area to pick it up and bring it up 2 flights of stairs to our classroom, but May got a hold of it and threw it out the window.  So, we made another, only to have it hit YuanYuan and then she slowly unfolded it and smoothed out the creases, while we were telling her to stop.  So we made another and colored it, and played with it after the class.

May, Carolina, Stefana and I got food at Hema and then ate it outside of the castle, just chilling out and talking.  After about an hour, we all went our separate ways.  I went to my one class of the day, then got a bus home.  Napped (soooo tired), had fries, and then got a ride with someone in the fanfare to a sort of military fanfare thing.  It was pretty fun.

One of the groups had a few people I know in it, so that was fun to see.  They did a bit of marching, but it was like A class level, with not straight lines and corners being a mess.  But it was fun to see actual marching again.  Another group was hilarious - kind of a Govvies/Chops mix with good sound and humor.  So much fun to watch, and good marching technique, though the cymbal player had TERRIBLE technique and inverted the cymbals every time he played.  Then there was a bagpipe group which was fun, and a group that was like 3 drums (who weren't that good) and a pseudo colorguard that only did flags.  They were pretty good!  Only flags, but they did a few tosses, and they were pretty in time.  They did a flag move I don't remember seeing before, so I got a video to send to my colorguard friends to see if they know it.

Had a drink after, and then got a ride back home.  I probably won't be writing again until Monday (more likely Tuesday, since I'll be dead tired when I get home Monday), so just expect a mass amount of updates around then.  Rehearsal tomorrow, sleeping in Kortrijk, and then a show in France, and then going to Genk for movies until Monday afternoon.

Anyway, slaapwel, and see you later!

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