Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 293

Zaterdag, 26 Mei 2012

Another Saturday, another day of drumline.  Left the house around 1030 or so, got to rehearsal around 140.  For the first two hours it was just Kelly and I with David (Kelly is a new cymbal player), so we worked basics.  Man, I miss basics.  (Never thought I'd say that).  Then, worked on music for the next show.  I won't be here for it, but since Yemin was out sick I just played his part.  Pretty easy, though I keep forgetting they do SC waves for all their crashes, which bugs me (that probably doesn't make sense to anyone, but I needed to do a little vent about it.  You don't need to do that type of crash all the time, especially if you're playing lots of notes - it just doesn't work).

After rehearsal, had a drink at the clubhouse, and then I walked with Kelly to her house.  Since Gio had the weekend off, he arranged for me to stay at Kelly's house.  So, we just talked a bit, ate, and then sat on the terrace watching the finals for Eurovision and drinking sangria.  Pretty fun night, actually.  There were some funny groups in the contest, and some that were absolutely terrible, so it was a good watch.  Then, went to bed.

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