Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 291

Donderdag, 24 Mei 2012

Still a warm, warm day.  Wore the sandals Marcela brought me from Brasil today, so that fun.  May was back in class today, so it was cool to catch up with her.  Not much else in school.  Went out to eat with Carol at lunch, had a nice talk.  Went to the school, couldn't find my classmates.  Like, there was a picnic today I guess, and so I didn't know where my class was and couldn't find them in the normal class and no one I asked knew where they were, so I went back to the Dutch school.  Talked with Carol and Sina, and then their integration classes started.  Sina's class was in English, so she dragged me in until 3, which was actually pretty fun.  The teacher was great - he lived in Princeton for a long time, so he said if I ever get homesick we can meet up and talk about the US.

Then to the castle to study.  Paged though my anthro book so I know what's going on with it when I start class, and then did some of my Dutch homework while laying in the sun.  Pretty nice.  Got the bus, went home.  Chilled a bit, ate, read some more, watched TV, and now then slept.

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