Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 294

Zondag, 27 Mei 2012

Got up, hung out at Kelly's, went to her grandparents for a bit, and then went to the clubhouse.  Loaded up the bus, and then we were off to France!  Got there, did the usual parade thing of getting dressed (in full uniform, aka long sleeved jackets, hats, long black pants), and then did the whole waiting game.  We saw some really, REALLY strange groups in the parade, and a bunch of music groups.  There were some just basic marching bands, and it really was hard for me to watch.  I miss marching trumpet so much.  I hate marching cymbals in summer parades - summer is when I march trumpet.  I almost felt cheated because I wasn't playing trumpet, I was so upset.

Anyway, did the parade, which was hot and involved a lot of stopping because the groups ahead of us were slow.  Had a drink, and then we had to do a little concert in the grass.  Packed up, went back to Dadizele, and then got a ride to Kortrijk.  David and I talked about marching in the US the whole time, so hopefully I can start to make some tentative plans for my marching career before my age out.

Got a train to Gent, ate pita, and then got a train to Genk.  Got there around 1220am, so I'll just put everything on the next entry :P

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