Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 275

Dinsdag, 8 Mei 2012

So, Dutch school was pretty fun today.  Basically everyone got lectured (not the scary type of lecture where you feel like you disappointed the teacher, more of a scolding) for being really sleepy in class.  Then we were talking about pronunciation, and did some words foreigners found difficult (eeuw, ui, ei) and then it turned into the importance of saying it correctly, which examples such as buur v. boer, and huur v. hoer.  Then it was discussing the English translation of hoer and trut, since Santi thought they meant the same thing.

Ate with Bella, and then school.  Two periods of basically nothing (they had to edit speeches, I sat there and read).  Some time in the library, and then home.  Rested a bit, and then fanfare.  And, when I was there, I got a text saying I could go to Norway!  AHHH!!  Stayed a bit, but then went home to check out tickets :)

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