Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 278

Vrijdag, 11 Mei 2012

So, not a normal day!

Got to Turnhout around the normal time, but no Dutch school.  Well, there was, but we all missed it because there was a school festival!  The school is 350 years old, so there was a festival and such.  Had to get buses to the festival place, and of course ours was late.  And of course I needed to use the bathroom really badly.  When we got to the festival grounds Marcela and I just booked it towards the bathrooms - pushed through sooo many people.

Anyway, it was true we were stuck there from 10-3.  There was no way to leave - even if you got around the teachers and the fence, there weren't any buses.  So, spent the whole time with various exchange students.  Did some tug of war with the girl from Turkey, hung out with the girl from Japan, but spent most of it with Santi, Marcela, Bella and Eri (the Italian).

Afterwards, like when we got back to Turnout, I realized I still had Julie's scarf (she lent it to me because she didn't want to wear it), so I went to Santi's house to ask if they could give it back.  Ended up talking to Santi's host mom for like 40 minutes when I was waiting for my bus.  Got home, napped a bit, and then went to Femke's school for a little talent show thing.

It was pretty fun - there was a marimba solo that was fun, and Femke's singing was really good.  The other acts were... entertaining.  Went out for a bit afterwards with Femke, her boyfriend, and her friends for a drink and talking.  Then, home and straight to bed.

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