Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 280

Zondag, 13 Mei 2012

Woke up at like 8am after too little sleep, grabbed some food, and then Allen's host mom drove Jenna, Bernardo and I to the station.  We got a train to another city where some Rotarians picked us up for an event.  Basically, we had to stand there and promote exchange, as well as do any odd job they asked us to (sell raffle tickets, etc).

It was fun at the beginning, but we all got really really tired, even after Marcela and Flavia showed up too.  It was really warm, so wearing our blazers was a pain.  I ended up napping on the ground outside, so that was nice.  Around 5 we got a ride back to the train station, and then we got the train to Hasselt, where we all split up onto our separate trains.  Then, on my second train, I realized my camera wasn't in my bag.  We had it on the last train to look at pictures, but it appears to have fallen out when we were all napping after that, before we got off the train.  So, I was flipping out, called Allen to have him fill in a sheet online saying I lost it, flipped out more, and finally got home.

Ate, figured out the last things for Norway (yay not having a camera for it now :/), skyped with a friend, and went to bed.  SOO upset I lost the camera - I bought it in June or so with my graduation money, and it was a great great camera.  Hopefully it gets returned so I don't need to buy a new one - if I buy one here I'll have to use a converter for it at home, which would be a pain.

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