Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 281

Maandag, 14 Mei 2012

Got up and checked my mails, nothing on my camera.  :(  Went to Dutch school, and was rubbing Mr. Smiley for good luck the whole time, so hopefully I would have a message about my camera today.  Well, he didn't listen to me, and spent my good luck on something else.  Got a phone call from Heidi on the way to school, saying I could go horse riding someone this afternoon!  So, cool and all, but I'd rather have my camera.

So, after Dutch school, I went home, ate a bit, and then got picked up to go horseback riding!  It was amazing!  It was English riding, which I've never done - for good reason.  The saddle was uncomfortable, there were no fenders, but it was nice to be on horseback again.

Back home, ate, napped, watched TV, and watched a movie with the family.  Then, went to bed.

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