Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 284

Donderdag, 17 Mei 2012

Happy Norwegian Constitution Day (or National Day of Norway!)

Got up around 11, had some breakfast, and then went to the bus.  It was raining pretty hard, which was a bummer, but I had a little Norwegian flag that Deuce gave me, so I was too preoccupied with that to notice.  :P  Went to the music place, got our instruments and jackets (aka, the uniforms), and then we all proceeded to outside.  Played a bit while walking down to the city center, which was fun.  I had no music whatsoever, so I just got to jam out and make up notes.

Waited around for a long time in the city center, in the rain.  Played some more there.  The parade finally started, so we did the whole parade thing which was fun.  A lot of women were wearing the traditional clothes from their area of Norway, which was really cool, and a lot of guys were in suits, which was pretty boss.  After the parade, a lot of us went to a restaurant and split some pizzas.  Only Deuce and I ate it like a real pizza; everyone else used forks and knives.

Then, walked a bit, and got taxied back up to where the student housing is.  Hung around for a minute, and then did another parade.  I managed to give my camera to a guy I met last night that's a friend of Deuce, so he got me some pictures of the parade.  By then, we were all super wet (it had been raining the entire time), so a lot of us went to the house a few of the guys in the music group were renting (or own?  I have no idea).  Hung out there until like 9 or so, just eating and drinking and talking.  I had a hotdog in lefsa with potato salad, ketchup and a spicy mustard inside as well - it was interesting.  Also had something that was like hot sour cream with sugar, cinnamon, and salted ham.  Odd, but decent taste.

Went back to Deuce's around 9 (I would have liked to stay longer, but he wanted to sauna with friends, so I didn't wanna be all rude and like, beg to stay which would make him miss sauna time).  He left to sauna, I stayed to shower and get dry finally, chill out, and now I'm going to go to bed a bit early.  So, slaapwel!

And here are some pics from the day - enjoy!

Us in our funny costumes


Me with my "I don't know what to play here" face

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