Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 57

Zondag, 2 Oktober 2011

Woke up like 20 minutes before we were leaving for the fairy tale park because I slept through my alarm.  Oops.  Rushed to get ready, and we left for the park (oh yeah, it's in Holland, just had to mention that).  We met Truut's friend and her grandkids at the park, which was actually nice.  The two boys (who were probably around 12 and 9 or so) we fluent in English (as well as 3 other languages: Dutch, French and Swedish), so we could talk just fine.  Plus, since they wanted to go on the rollercoasters as well, we just left Truut, her friend, and the other kid (a young girl) to go look at the fairy tale part of the park.

So, we rode 2 coasters, got utterly lost trying to find Truut to eat lunch, and then rode two more.  It was quite a bit of fun, even though it was like an hour wait for each ride.  After the last one, we had like 10 minutes before we had to meet Truut and her friend, so I bought us icecream.  I told them to keep it on the down low, so when we talked to Truut we could ask for some.  :P  Of course, the youngest kid blabbed, but they bought us icecream anyway.  So, that was nice.

On the drive home I basically slept the entire way, but apparently no one noticed, so that's pretty awesome.  Had some food, and then worked on homework I procrastinated on.  Of course, I still haven't finished some of it, mainly because google translate isn't reliable, so I have no idea exactly what I need to do for it.  Oh well.  Oh, and I got Marcela really sick.  Like, really, really sick.  She's miserable.  I feel really bad.  :(

Welp, I'm exhausted, so slaapwel!

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