Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 73

Dinsdag, 18 Oktober 2011


Okay, I'll make it quick so I can get to the good news.  :P

Choir first period, which was okay, considering it was with the younger kids.  Two library periods, where I studied Latin, and then Latin.  Took a test, did some translated; all good.  Back to school, had the acting class.  Since I still can't speak Dutch, I can't get a "main" part, but my teacher put me as one of several background actors for this one guy's part, so that was fun.

Then, as we only had library periods, Marcela and I went to Antwerpen!  Studied on the bus, which was good, since it was like over an hour.  Got icecream (delicious), shopped a bit (got a legit new overshirt), and went home.  Marcela and I ate quick, and then I went on facebook.  Had some friend requests from people from the drumline, so I thought that was pretty cool - I would want to meet all of them, even if I couldn't join.

And, whilst creeping on facebook, I see Drumspirit (the drumline I really wanted to join here) post a status update saying "Welcome to American Kelsey Lysford".  WHAT?!  I practically jumped out of my chair.  Marcela seemed so confused; I was just so excited I couldn't speak.  And seeing them post it on facebook must have meant that it went well when they talked to Truut, meaning I could really join!  Truut wasn't home, so I couldn't ask her (and Patrick didn't know), but OHMYGOD, I could join!

Then, went to fanfare rehearsal, which was amazing as always.  After rehearsal, I of course had to stay for drinks as someone rang the bell.  :P  I started talking to one of the euphonium players about jazz music, just led to just talking.  Around 11 or 1130 there were only like 6 of us left, but we kept talking until midnight.  And I have to say, it was probably one of the funnest nights I've had so far - they talked mainly in Dutch, but translate some things, and then asked some questions in English or asked things about America.  It was great - though I am really glad I have a field trip with Rotary tomorrow, so I can wake up later.

So yeah, just to recap: basically no real class today, icecream and Antwerpen, bought an awesome overshirt, GOT IN DRUMLINE, played some fun music, and got to spend two hours talking to some amazing people.  Yep, I'd say today was probably my best day so far.

Anyway, I need some sleep, so slaapwel!

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