Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 67

Woensdag, 12 Oktober 2011

Pretty easy day.  Listening first period, but we got to actually play instruments instead of just listening.  Played an easy blues song - the teacher put me on drumset, so that was funny.  Latin, back for English (just brainstorming for a presentation), and then Science.  Except, the teacher wasn't there for Science, and they needed to take a test, so we stood around the classroom until a teacher showed up like 20 minutes later.  Pretty boring.

Home, ate with Marcela and Patrick, and then we watched "Australia".  I had seen it once before, but I totally forgot how fake some parts of the movie looked.  Except, I kept remembering "Man From Snowy River", so I kept getting confused - I was always like, "wasn't there a scene that was supposed to be here?"

After that, had dinner with Truut, and then we went iceskating (we meaning Siemen, Patrick, Marcela and I - Truut had class).  It was actually pretty fun.  I hadn't been skating in a long while (neither had Marcela), so we just kept going around together.  Time to talk, so that was nice.  It was super warm though - Truut told us we needed a jacket and gloves and a hat because it was cold, but I was almost sweating, and that was just with a light fall jacket that was unzipped.  Even Marcela was warm, so that's pretty unheard of.

Home, got ready for bed, had cereal with Marcela, and now it's time to sleep - homework can wait.  :P  Slaapwel!

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