Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 85

Zondag, 30 Oktober 2011

Great, lazy day.  Woke up late, had a long breakfast, went back upstairs.  Read a little bit, talked to some kids from back home, and then Marcela and I decided to start watching Hairspray.  About halfway through Patrick and Truut drove us to a fundraiser thing Robyne's Judo club was putting on.  It was the same thing as the fanfare - eating, mainly mussels and fries.  Truut's parents also came, but since we couldn't talk to them, Marcela and I just talked for like 2 hours to each other about drumline and her old dance group.  They're so similar!

Seeing as how we weren't doing anything at the dinner, we walked home, finished watching our movie, and did some more reading.  Really calm day.

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