Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 60

Woensdag, 5 Oktober 2011

Finally convinced Marcela to yell at kids at the bus stop in Portuguese.  It was awesome.  :)  School, eh.  Listening first, which was fun.  Doing a unit on jazz/blues, so I didn't even need to pay attention; I could just guess the right answer right away.  Then ran to my Latin class.  Turns out the class had a medical exam or something yesterday, whatever.  Worked in small groups, aka, the two other girls did the work and I copied them because I didn't know what was going on.  I felt so weird copying off of 12 year olds.  :P

Back to school for English, more Shakespeare.  Had to read another sonnet aloud.  I hate reading out loud, especially when it's something that I haven't practiced.  Science next, which was probably the longest 50 minutes of my life.  Ended up just whispering to the kid next to me about video games and trumpets, so that was okay.

Marcela, Santiago and I were planning on going to Antwerpen to buy stuff (and icecream), but Marcela was feeling really sick still so we went home.  Had lunch, then slept for a bit.  Talked to a few people online, and then talked with some Rotarians that came to visit Marcela and I.  After that, more food (I was about to burst), and then talked to some people online again, as I had some serious conversations going.  Ended up talking to a guy from the drumline here (Drumspirit, aka, the reason why I chose Belgium) that I became facebook friends with randomly a week or two ago.  Talked about the line, and possible ways for me to get to rehearsal.  It's about 2 hours by car, which to me isn't bad, but to Truut, it's forever away.

Anyway, I emailed the director asking about joining and possible ways to get to rehearsal (I'm hoping I could carpool/go on the train with someone).  I know I shouldn't, but I'm getting excited that I could maybe possibly join the line.  I mean, this is why I came here.  I know it's far away, but back home some kids drove like 2 hours for my line, and we were only in our second year.  This line has been around way longer, has a great reputation, and I love their shows.  Can't get better than that.  I just don't want to get my hopes up and then not be able to join - it already sucks enough knowing I can't do RCR (my old line) again this year.  I was in for the first two years of it's existence, and now, nope.  :(

So yeah, I'm just totally freaking out about possibly being able to join, so there's no way I can sleep right now, even though I need it.  Trying to think of ways to ask Truut and Patrick if I could join (if everything works out - not even going to ask unless I've found a way to get to rehearsals and know I can join and all the fees associated).  Send some good vibes this way!

Well, slaapwel I guess.  :P

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