Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 76

Vrijdag, 21 Oktober 2011

Got up, went to school.  There was frost on the ground - I had to explain to Marcela what it was.  :)  Studied first period, choir next, then Latin.  Had a test, did some review, and got candy it was the birthday of one of the girls in the class.  I love that class~

Back to the school, did a bit of music theory study during music theory, lunched with Santi and Marcela outside (!!!) so we could go to the library in the second half of lunch.  :P  Since all of the web filters are off during lunch, I watched the recaps for the first two World Series games, a bunch of other clips from the games, and then searched up winter drumlines I may want to audition for next year.  Yep, I'm a band nerd.

Another music class, but I basically just talked to classmates during it.  Then art history, and as my class had a test, I just got to read some Catch-22.  Legit.  At home, did some music stuff and studying, ate, and then skyped with Marcela.  Yeah, that's our idea of a fun Friday night - skyping each other.

You can see my back behind her~

After we had our fun with that, I went out with a few people from the fanfare to a little music quiz thing.  I don't really know how to explain it; I guess like really intense bar trivia about a certain subject?  There were questions on what a song was, who the artist was, or looking at pictures to guess who the artist is or what CD art it is.  Stuff like that.  It was actually really fun, even though I didn't know like anything.  :P  If only it had been on ska and country music - I would have nailed it!

Anyway, got home at like midnight from that, so I just had some cereal quick, and now it's time for bed!  Drumline tomorrow; super excited, and actually a bit nervous.  I shouldn't be, considering I'm really, really used to having new directors, but I suppose a bit is normal.  Well, slaapwel!

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