Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 80

Dinsdag, 25 Oktober 2011

Really don't feel like writing now - I'll update this tomorrow.

And a happy birthday to my very special friend Beede!  I wish I was home to celebrate with you!


Okay, here we go.  Woke up, no rain, but when we left the house it JUST started.  So, luckily, we were close enough to home for me to run back inside to grab my umbrella.  And it just had to be on the day I had tea and packed a lunch, so my backpack was quite a bit heavier than usual.

Choir first period, which actually went okay.  Two periods in the library, which I used to study Latin and read some reddit.  Then Latin, which actually went okay.  I'm starting to understand more in that class, though I still can't participate, because even if I know what the Latin translates into, I don't know how to make a sentence out of it in Dutch.  :P

The acting class next, which was... interesting.  The kids tried to convince the teacher to let me have my own part and act, so the teacher told me to say the first line of that "role".  Of course, I hadn't even sight read it once, so I had no idea what words were coming up or what they meant.  Meaning, I stumbled over a lot of words, and didn't put any expression into the words at all because I didn't know what they meant.  She just said I wouldn't be ready in time, and moved on.  :P

Two more periods in the library (doing some studying and some internetting), and then the acting class again.  This time, the teacher asked me to just say one line from another person's script, and apparently I have a super thick American accent still (understandably).  But, she told me to practice that line and keep the accent, so I guess that means I didn't do completely terrible.

Pretty sure we just went home after that (this is why I write the day of - I have a terrible memory).  Ate, did some homework, and went to fanfare rehearsal.  We played one of my favorite pieces (it's Spanish, and Malaguena is the "closer" of it, so to speak), so that was really fun.  Talked to the people around me quite a bit, which was really fun.  I miss doing that at home - having band everyday, so you can chat and play for like an hour 5 times a week.  That's probably why I'm such good friends with all the band kids - we'd just talk all the time!

Anyway, stayed until a little before midnight again.  They're such a fun group, I don't really care that I'm making the next day way harder for myself.  At home, tried to work on some English (I had to edit my speech), talked to a friend on the facemail, and that's about it.  When I put this post online, the internet was tweaking out, so it said it didn't submit when it really did, thus, this was posted twice.  So sorry about that, anyone that uses a feed reader to read this.

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  1. Humm .. So you dropped your Saturday morning dutch classes .. the ones that are supposed to teach you the most dutch , to go to that drumline thing?

    I bet I have that wrong , since it would defeat the purpose of you going there in the first place , and would undermine most of your progress .