Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 79

Maandag, 24 Oktober 2011

Usual morning.  Had History first, and as it was a test, I got to read more Catch-22.  I'm starting to like that class - try to understand history (which is interesting), but read during the difficult parts.  :P  English next, and we were supposed to do our presentations.  Only one group was ready (hey, I still had props to get, I wasn't ready), and they had a lot of technical difficulties getting their powerpoint to work.  The teacher was obviously frustrated, so she just had me sit in front for 30 minutes and answer questions about the US.  It was pretty nice - none of the questions were difficult.  They made me recite all the states in alphabetical order because I said I could, and then they clapped for me after - pretty funny.

Science, just wrote in my notebook, and watched people get grossed out as she talked about babies and childbirth.  Then German, which I still don't have my book for.  We worked on a dialogue we have to give next class, which was fairly simple.  We honestly just had to copy the book, but change a few details.

Lunched with Santi and Marcela, talked about possibly going to Spain together to see some of Santi's family. I think that would be a total blast - those two are like my best friends here.  Had a period in the library, and then music theory, both of which I really didn't do much besides goof around.  It's funny - I seem to talk to my classmates more during music theory than I do outside of class.  Wasn't feeling that good, so Marcela and I were going to go home as she had no class and I only had Latin (which, it turns out, I forgot to pack my homework anyway), but we were dumb and didn't realize the bus that comes at 3:10 only comes on Thursdays and Fridays.  After texting some people to find out that yes, we were reading the sign correctly, we went to get a bite to eat before the next bus (an hour later).  I finally got to eat a Kinder Surprise - you know, the chocolate that's illegal in the US (and they specifically ask you about when you're coming back from Canada).  It was delicious!  And the toy inside was really cute - it's a hippo I named Mr. Smiley.  :)

Both of us were really tired when we got home, so we basically ate, and went upstairs.  I worked on some Latin and talked to some kids on facebook from my home district, so that was nice.  We're all trying to get in touch now, so when we do the rebound camp we can already know each other.  Found out that my ticket home is non-refundable, and it has to be used within a year of my ticket coming here.  So, if I want to stay until the 18th of August like I've been planning, I'd have to buy a completely new ticket, and let the other one go to waste.  :/  Hopefully it doesn't cost terribly much - I was really excited with the possibility of staying.

Anyway, I should probably rest up for my big day of sitting in the library tomorrow.  :P

Slaapwel!  (Or, as they say in Danish "god nat og sov godt")

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