Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 63

Zaterdag, 8 Oktober 2011

There was a huge rotary event in Namen today, so, of course, that meant getting up fairly early.  When Patrick was driving Marcela and I to the train, I asked about joining drumline, so I had to wait all day for an answer (spoiler:  He told me to talk to Truut, and then she told me to email Wim).  Met Santiago on the train in Herentals, where it was delayed for like half an hour.  Ugh.

Finally got to Antwerpen, found a train going to Brussels.  When I was practicing my Latin flashcards on the train (yes, I was being responsible for once), I started talking to the person across from me - turns out they play jazz piano!  I thought that was pretty cool - it seems like I always randomly meet musicians (seriously; I was at a friend's grad party in the States, and one of the adults I started talking to was a roommate to a drumline instructor that I knew about).

Anyway, then went from Brussels to Namen.  We were going to meet Jenna there, but her train was cancelled so she was late aaaaand her phone died.  Slick.  The rotary sent someone to pick us up from the station since we were so late (we got there at like 1130 or so, and we were supposed to be there at 10; the first delay made us keep getting later).  The rotary people found Marcela, Santi and I, and we found Jenna just in the nick of time.  Luckily we just missed the explaining of rules, which they quickly recapped for us.  Then, went on a boat ride for like 2 or 3 hours.  Like, all of us on one boat.  So, needless to say, it was crowded.

After the boat ride, we all got off, chatted, took pictures, and then went back.  It was a lot of fun - I got to talk to all of my best friends.  I have a lot of best friends - I usually just find out one thing about them, and then declare them my best friend, and there's nothing they can do about it (you can do the one handed clap?  BEST FRIENDS.  we have the same birthday?  BEST FRIENDS)  It's fun, and it gives me an excuse to talk to people.  Oh, and totally took another picture with the gals I'm going to be playing D&D with.  We're so legit.

Aww yeahh

Took the train back to Brussels with quite a few other exchange students (and 3 of my best friends were there!).  Then, we all gradually went our separate ways until it was just Jenna, Marcela, Santi and I stuck in Antwerpen.  Santi bought a Monster, but it ended up giving him two so I got one of them.  =D  Then we all kind of shared our drinks and food, so that was cool.  It's not like any of us would get sick again - I was the the one who got both Marcela and Santi sick, so we all had either just taken or were still taking meds for the same sickness.

Patrick picked Marcela and I up from Herentals, he told me they hadn't decided for drumline yet (total sad face), and then we watched the third Pirates movie.  That was quite a lot of fun - I like watching movies, especially when it's one I want to see, and when Marcela and I are just talking for most of it.  Now it's almost like 2am, so I should probably go to sleep.  Slaapwel!

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