Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 59

Dinsdag, 4 Oktober 2011

Marcela had to leave for school early today (field trip), so I had to bus by myself for the first time today.  It was the same as usual, albeit a bit lonely.  It's going to be so weird when we go to different houses for our third family.  :/

School was really easy today.  Choir first, I think with the 3rd/4th years.  It's a lot of fun in that class because the kids are younger so a) they don't sing quite as well as my class, and b) they're more obnoxious (in a good way). Then two periods of being in the library as it was classes I don't go to.  Left for Latin, but when I got to the classroom, no one was there.  Waited for about ten minutes, then left.  Ate out (as I forgot to pack a lunch and had free time), then went to the school to go online more.  I swear some of it was productive internet time, or studying, but there was a bit of reddit thrown in there.

After lunch, my class went to the library in  Turnhout for two periods (expression and Dutch).  They were trying to find Dutch plays for their senior project, and since I couldn't help with that I just sat down and read Shakespeare.  Back at the school, went online for one more period, and then went home.  Ate, had a great conversation with Marcela, and then fanfare rehearsal.  I really like playing bugel, but I have to say, I do miss playing trumpet at rehearsals already.

Home, got ready for bed and studied a bit, and now it's time to sleep.  Gotta get ready for Antwerp!  Slaapwel!

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