Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 72

Mandag, 17 Oktober 2011

Woke up incredibly tired - didn't sleep much since I was thinking about drumline.  I just want a definite answer!  If it's yes, great, and if it's no, that sucks but I can still go watch the shows - I just want an answer so I can stop worrying!

Anyway, the bus was a little late again today, but not terribly bad.  But, on the walk from the bus stop to the school, there is a lot of construction going on (revamping the market place).  Of course, today they were working on the stretch of road between where all the kids from the bus come and the school.  There was only enough room for like one person to be going at once, so there was just a WAVE of kids trying to push through to get to school.

By the time we got there, we were over 5 minutes late, and had to turn in our agendas (I guess that's the usual protocol for being late - they put a mark in there saying that you were late, dunno why).  Ugh.  The pile of agendas was just huge, understandably.

Tried to wake myself up during history (didn't work) and English (didn't work).  During science, the teacher was gone again, so my classmates did another test, meaning we were in the cafeteria at different tables for the entire period.  Pretty much fell asleep then.  Then German, which was pretty hard.  I honestly only remember a few things from my German class (aka, the verb for "eat" and the verb for "sleep").  Yeah, I know I took the first year of it twice, but that was like two years ago, and my German class was SO BAD the community college didn't even offer German II because none of us were good enough to take it.  But, the teacher apparently expects me to be at the level of the class (it's second level), so that pretty much sucks.

Marcela and I bought lunch at the school, considering we were too tired to make something this morning.  Ate with Santi, and then went with him to the library to help him finish his presentation on Colombia.  Aaaand while we were there, we got youtube and facebook to work!  Without any sort of proxies or anything!  We were so excited - finally, a way to stave off boredom on those days when we're in the library for 4 hours!

Seeing as how I had a library period next, I went straight to facebook to see if anyone was online to chat to keep me awake.  Started talking to my dad, and then like 3 minutes later, they put the web filter back up, and no more facebook.  :(  My dad thought it was pretty funny that I "got busted".  Oh, a note on the school web filters - it blocks anything gaming related (video game news, or websites that have any sort of connection to games), and all streaming media.  AKA, I can't read any gaming news (and I've found some in Dutch!), or watch baseball replays (the internet here at home is super slow).  Plus, with the world series coming up, I think the only way I can watch is via the internet, but as the internet at home is capped, I can't watch it.  So no World Series for me this year.  :(  I'll just have to download the PTI and Baseball Today podcasts and hope they play clips from the games.

Music theory was after my library time (were I tried to keep awake by studying Latin, and looking over the audition materials for cymbal players from my drumline back home).  Super tired by then, so I continued my quest to become left handed (and also drew a mustache on my hand, just because).  Then Latin, which was pretty okay.  Turned in my test which I'm pretty sure I failed (I didn't cheat at all - just translated the questions and tried to answer), but it's all good because I saw a lot of kids in my class failed.  Then again, they're like 12, so that shouldn't make me feel better.  :P

Bussed home with Marcela, had dinner, skyped with my family a bit, looked over a lot of music that I have (didn't play at all because they were watching TV downstairs, like usual), went on reddit - usual night activities.  Just had my nightly cereal with Marcela, which means it's time for bed.  Slaapwel!

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