Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 71

Zondag, 16 Oktober 2011

Whew, long day.

Took a good hour or so to wake up and get ready, which was great.  Then, I had to go help out with the fanfare - we were putting on a lunch/dinner thing, I assume to raise money.  I got to wash dishes with a few other people, considering I can't talk in Dutch, and thus, can't serve the food.  It was really fun though - we stole some of the leftover food, sprayed people with the hose (we were using the hose to clean the dishes), and just messed around.  It got really busy, but it was actually entertaining enough that I didn't care.  Oh, and everyone kept asking if I was cold, considering I was just wearing a tanktop and no sweater (but I had on the rubber apron to keep dry).  The sun was just hot enough to keep me warm, so it was amazing.

Patrick, Truut, Siemen and Marcela came for lunch around 230, so I went to eat with them.  I was super nervous, considering we were planning on leaving for the drumline thing at 3, and they were taking FOREVER.  I could barely eat, I was so anxious.  We finally left at 320, BARELY got there before the drumline I want to join played (we got there at lik 415, and they played at 430).  It was amazing!  The beginning of the show was a little different than drumlines I'm used to, but then it got sooo amazing and intense.  There were also little "marching bands" that played - they had little cones to mark the yard lines, marching band uniforms - everything!  I was so surprised, I didn't know they did that here, especially since they don't have American football fields.  But it was fun to see - it really made me miss marching band and drumline.  I haven't been in a marching activity since April when drumline ended, and around this time of year I'd just be finishing up my marching band season.  :(

Anyway, Marcela and I went to find the unit coordinator for the drumline, as I had told him I'd talk to him today.  We found the line, but I was too scared to go up to talk to them.  :P  I waited until there was one guy away from everyone else, talked to him, and then waited with him because the unit coordinator wasn't there.  Some of the kids in the line started talking to me, so that was really fun.  They all seem super nice and laidback.

Finally met the coordinator guy, but as they were going back inside for a retreat (awards, basically), we decided to talk later.  Had some tea with Marcela, met up with the host family again, watched the retreat, and then talked to the coordinator.  I think Truut was trying to tell him that I really shouldn't join (I could only understand parts of the conversation, but that's the gist I got), and he was trying to convince her I should be allowed to.  One of the other techs (I think) came over and talked to Marcela and I as we were standing off to the side while the coordinator and Truut talked.  We had talked for a minute earlier, mainly him just helping me find the coordinator.  But I then found out he marched Rhythm X and Bluecoats, so I was internally freaking out, because that's just amazing!  It was a lot of fun to talk to him.

Anyway, it basically ended that Truut said she had to talk to Wim about it, and that we should try to tell the coordinator by the middle of the week (since there's rehearsal on Saturday).  SO NERVOUS.

We went to a swim park after, which was pretty cool.  There was a little lazy river thing that went outside and had a bunch of little rapids, so that was a lot of fun.  But, Marcela and I spent most of our time in the hot tub. :P

Finally got home around 11, dead tired.  Just had something to eat (I hadn't really eaten since the fanfare, and I only had soup there because I was so nervous :P), but now it's time for bed.  Slaapwel!

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