Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 62

Vrijdag, 7 Oktober 2011

Today was a good day.  Not only is it my two month mark here in Belgium (wow, time flies!), I also got an email back from the director of the drumline here saying I can join (so all I need to do is ask Truut now :/), aaaand I just saw that the Yankees got beat in game 5!  They're out!

Anyway, when I went to school it was raining pretty bad, and I found the hard way that my RCR jacket is not terribly waterproof.  Oops.  In the library first period, so I got to dry off there.  Choir, and we sang two different versions of "Happy Birthday", which was just really odd.  Walked to Latin (wasn't raining anymore!), had class, made it only to the last 20 minutes of one of the music class, which was nice, since I don't do anything.  Lunched with Santiago again (Marcela was home sick again), tried to figure out Latin during composition, and then aesthetics, which was just me looking at the pictures again.

Home, ate, chatted with Marcela, studied a bit of Latin, read some dinasaur comics.  Messaged a bunch of people (including sending another email to the drumline director) trying to figure out the best way to ask Truut if I can join drumline.  I think I have a solid plan of attack now - all I need to do is find a good time to ask.  I really hope I can join, because I've really hyped this up (seriously, it's all I've been thinking about, EVEN WHEN I SLEEP).  Anyway, I should probably get to sleep, considering it's a long Rotary day tomorrow.  :/


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