Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 64

Zondag, 9 Oktober 2011

Got up around 11 (yay, almost sleeping in!), had breakfast with Marcela, Patrick, and Truut.  Then, Marcela and I decided to watch "Anastasia" in Dutch, which was really fun, except for the fact some of our English subtitles got cut off so we were really confused.  :P  Then, slowly got ready for the fanfare contest today (slowly meaning I'd do something, go on reddit, do something else, do some Latin, etc).

Went to the contest, which was really fun.  It was a super serious event, where they had to check off everyone in the group to make sure only the correct amount of people (and instruments) were there.  And to get checked off you needed to show the guy your passport (which in Belgium is just the size of a driver's license, and the same material).  But, since I was subbing in for one of the bugel players (since I hadn't joined when they signed up and told them everyone's names back in May), I was freaking out.  Luckily I got checked off without a hitch, but it was nerve wracking standing there and watching everyone I knew who spoke English exit the room.

The concert went just fine, except for the fact there was some over-hyping going on.  That seems to happen every time there's any type of important concert or show for like any group I've been in.  Ugh.  But we still sounded pretty good, and it was fun, so that's what matters.  Marcela, Patrick, and Truut came to watch, so that was cool.  Sat and talked with Marcela when the other groups were playing - there were some absolutely amazing pieces.

Went home right after as I wasn't feeling the greatest (this is too common of a theme...), had some cereal with Marcela.  We've been having cereal together almost every night, and we usually bring our laptops downstairs with us as well.  It's probably the best part of my day.  :3

Aww yeah

Skyped with mama for a bit, and FINALLY got an email back from Wim (I've been refreshing my email so much the past few days).  He wants to know a few more details, but he said (translated), "Presumably, this is okay".  YAY!  That makes my chances of joining up to like 20%!  If I can convince him, then all I have to do is convince Truut.  And I'm going to see their show next Sunday (they're doing a final performance of their show from last seasonn), so I can meet them in person!  I'm so stoked.

Anyway, I'm frakkin' tired right now, so it's time for sleep.  Slaapwel!

Also, I want to say "Congratulations" to my friend Bob and his new wife Tara.  They just got married today, and I just wanted to take a minute to say how excited I am for them, and that I hope they have a great life together.  Best wishes for the future you two!

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