Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 61

Donderdag, 6 Oktober 2011

Well, I was almost late for the bus as I was talking to a good friend on skype this morning, so that was a great way to start the day.  :P  School, had two periods of note learning.  I really like the fact I can understand that class, even if it is a little easy for me.  I took a test in class, and I only needed the teacher to translate one of the questions, so I think that's some progress.

Had a period in the library, in which I tried to understand declining nouns in Latin.  So confusing.  Latin is quite difficult, I have to say.  Then math, and the teacher just gave me a book about numbers to read (in English!), so that's what I have to do in class now - read books about math.  Sounds good to me.  I may have my brother send me a few other ones, considering I got like 60 pages into this book already.

Lunched with Santiago (Marcela was home sick), so that was fun.  Creative music next, and we worked on the lyrics for the pop song again.  I could never become a songwriter.  Ever.  Supposed to have two jazz classes next, but the teacher was sick.  The first period I spent messing around on cymbals in a music room with the other jazz kids, so that was fun.  Then, as it was 6th period, we were allowed to go home, so I got to go home early.  I almost missed my bus because I totally forgot about my trumpet when I left (since we didn't play), so I was halfway to the bus stop when I realized, and had to run back.  Made it just in time for my bus, so that's nice.

Home, went online for a bit before dinner.  Ate, talked with the host family about school and what not, and basically fell asleep on Marcela's shoulder.  Promptly went to take a nap after that.  Had Marcela wake up around 9 so I could attempt to do something productive today (ie: figure out Latin), but I'm just exhausted so I'm going back to bed right now.  Slaapwel.

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