Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 75!

Donderdag, 20 Oktober 2011

75 days already?  I can see now what people mean when they say time flies on exchange.

Woke up still tired from yesterday - Marcela and I could barely open our eyes.  Barely got to school on time (the bus is getting just a bit later every day it seems).  Had my note learning class for two periods, which was fun like always.  I like seeing how people who have never read music try to understand the new musical terms and symbols.  We each had to sing this little exercise, and I was the only person to get a 10/10 (the teacher reads the persons name and their score to the class - totally weird)!  Still don't like singing in front of people, but that makes me think that my singing in the car back home really helps.

After that, all the music/arts students went to a little concert in the school auditorium, put on by these 5 performers.  It was all Baroque style music, which was awesome!  I have a lot of that style of music on my iPod, but I've never heard it performed live before, so it was great.  There was an oboe player, and it made me realize it's the first time I've heard an oboe IRL since I've been here.  Wow.  Really makes me miss band class back home.

Lunched with Santi and Marcela, talked about our plans for the fall vacation (it's a full week off of school, and they don't leave for the London trip until the Thursday!).  Worked on the pop song the next period - it was the first time we (the lyric writers) got to listen to the music that the other guys had composed.  Tried to fit things together, changed a few things around.  It actually sounds pretty decent.  Jazz playing next, which just made me miss jazz band back home.  I miss having legit music - we're just playing small, easy pieces right now and soloing.  Eh.

Jazz theory next, which was relaxing as per usual standards.  Bussed home with Marcela - there weren't any seats left when she got to the bus, so she sat on my lap for the majority of the ride.  :P  Got home, studied a bit, had dinner, more studying.  Ugh.  Talked to a kid from my district back home that's in Germany - we're gonna try to meet up!  Hopefully we can make it work.

Welp, I'm tired of studying, so I'm just going to go to bed.  Slaapwel!

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