Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 69

Vrijdag, 14 Oktober 2011

Totally good day today.  First off, the bus was like 20 minutes late, meaning we were late to school.  Score!  Not only that, but it was just beautiful outside today, and I managed to have my iPod shuffle onto this song, which gave a great mood to the morning.   Had a period in the library, then choir.  We went to sing in the basement of the church that's in the campus, which was pretty cool.  The acoustics down there weren't as good as the Great Hall at Bethel though.  :P  Got to pick an apple from a tree, then had Latin.  I struggled through the test, but then the teacher let me bring it home to translate it, so she was only testing me on my Latin knowledge, and not my Dutch.  :)

Made my Latin flashcards in music theory, then lunched with Santi and Marcela.  I'm really glad I have the two of them to hang out with - it's so much fun!  Music composition, which meant I worked on my flashcards more, and then aesthetics, which was just awesome because the teacher is so passionate.

After school, went out to a pub with Marcela and some of her classmates and their friends.  It was pretty fun - they bought a bunch of food for us to try, and we overall just really nice.  Oh, and they played this Cake song on the radio, which made the place infinitely better (especially since I had just listened to it a few hours before).  We left for the bus stop, but as Marcela and I were still hungry, we stopped and got Bicky Burgers. Bicky Burgers are apparently really famous in Belgium, seeing as ordering one is the first thing my classmates taught me how to say in Dutch.

And it actually tastes pretty good

On the bus ride home, Marcela and I decided to have a sleepover with each other.  :P  Got home, messed around online, and were going to watch a movie before I fell asleep.  Oops.  We were planning on going to Siemen's birthday party around midnight and staying for only a few hours (Patrick was going from midnight to 3), but apparently Patrick called Siemen, and realized we didn't need to go help like originally planned, so we just stayed home.

Yep, pretty good day.

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